Bauplan Nord
Warburgstraße 35

A Harmonious Blend of Heritage and Contemporary Living in Hamburg

Warburgstraße 35 is a residential building located in the heart of Hamburg’s Rotherbaum district. This captivating project involved the marketing of one of its 42 meticulously designed residential units.

Located at Warburgstraße 35, 20354 Hamburg-Rotherbaum, this property encompasses approximately 1,200 square meters and boasts a harmonious blend of historical charm and modernity. Nestled in a central location between the Alster River and the highly sought-after university district, this development features high-quality city apartments.  

Through my photographs, I aimed to capture the distinctive character and appeal of this property. These images played a pivotal role in the sale of one of the 42 exceptional units, showcasing the unique charm and sophistication of Warburgstraße 35 in Hamburg.